Sexy Success: My Mantra for 2012

I don’t believe in resolutions that start on January 1.

You can promise yourself something or start what you’ve wanted to do at any time. That being said, I understand that a new year means a new start for many people – at least in their minds. And it’s good to cleanse your mind.

I believe in mantras and setting your intentions for the year ahead.

Last year I participated in Reverb, a 31-day writing challenge focused on reflections of 2010. The first prompt was to state what word encapsulated 2010 and what word I was dedicating to 2011.

Here are my words:

2010: Ambiguity

2011: Believe

The funny thing is that 2011 had just as much ambiguity as 2010, if not more, but it doesn’t feel that way.

Why? Because I changed my mindset around the ambiguity.

Sure, it took me nearly nine months, but I did it. Is it perfect? No. But I’m in a much better place now than ever before.

Life is ambiguous. Fearing the unknown gets you nowhere. Stressing about what the future brings makes you miserable. Letting the pressure get to you makes you sick.

In 2011, I did believe. I believed in everything I did. I started things, ended things, and became clear on what I wanted.

So in 2012, my phrase is Sexy Success.

Previously, I defined success as money. Lots and lots of money.

Now I define success in terms of how I feel about my: relationships, fun, health, finances, ambition, balance, and self-fulfillment.

So what is sexy success?

It’s really focusing on what makes you feel whole. It means happiness. It means living life meaningfully. It means love. It means doing what you want.

It sounds simple, yet it isn’t. We let our own negative thoughts (and others’ negative thoughts) get in the way of what we truly want to do and how we want to live.

So in 2012, I wish you sexy success.

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