The Cherry Blossom Festival, DC

Balancing Act, Stress Amplified, Recognizing Love, Sporadic Binging & Special Promotion

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Two years ago, I was half-way through graduate school in a 10-month master’s degree program.It took five months for my mind and my body to realize that I was back in school – not in a corporate cubicle. Even then, the whole idea was pretty foreign to me after being out of school for five years. But I jumped in head-first because you either conquered it or let it break you. And I was not about to have the latter.

The Cherry Blossom Festival, DC

What I didn’t expect about being in school was how my mind was dedicated to it 24/7. My brain never stopped thinking about the reading I was not caught up on, the papers that were not writing themselves, and the presentations that were not going to put 11 people to sleep. (Notice all the negatives? Stress, amplified.)

Stress was an understatement. I was struggling so much with the stress that some nights I would make declarations like “I need a life! Let’s go out and party/watch NCIS marathons!” and cease all schoolwork. As much as I knew taking breaks was good for me, the guilt stuck around.

My spontaneous breaks were part of the problem though. I needed little breaks every day, not once-a-month all out binges.

I needed “me time.”

I knew the perfect “me time” was exercise. I had been exercising for so long and knew how wonderful it made me feel and how it saved me from the stress of the outside world.

Only it didn’t happen. I couldn’t get in the groove. I wanted to be exercising so badly but I always found an excuse.

“No time.”

“Too much work.”

“Must write paper.”

“Need to do more research.”

“Too far.” (This is the lamest of them all as I could easily do yoga in my own living room plus my super expensive bike was staring at me every day subtly telling me to take it for a ride on the amazing trail along the Potomac River that was only a few blocks away. To my own defense, this WAS the year of record snow fall in DC (snowmaggedon!) and I did get my bike out in the Spring and Summer.)

So you guessed it. I didn’t give myself any “me time.” I always avoided it. I thought school was too important and that I would miss something in addition to the guilt I felt whenever I wasn’t doing something related to school. That’s how ingrained it was in my mind.

When I graduated that July, I realized that I had barely done anything for myself those 10 months. So in my last month in the DC area, I hit up all the museums, cafes, cupcake shops, and bike trails I could.

But it left me with a very important lesson: Do something for yourself, every day.

Whenever I did manage to fit in “me time” to my days, I felt better, I smiled, my relationships were happier, my sleep was sounder, and my work flowed easier.

When people ask me if graduate school was worth it, I always say YES in capital letters. The experience was one I am truly thankful for – from the education to the people. I am a better person because of it. Stress et al.

But I always say the one thing I regret the most was neglecting “me time.” I didn’t take the 30 min to one hour a day to exercise. I didn’t go for a walk or to the cute wine bar a few blocks away as often as I wanted. I waited until everything built up inside of me and binged sporadically.

When I talk to people who are currently in school facing the same stress monster, I tell them this. They wholeheartedly agree. Then they do nothing.

Sometimes it doesn’t hit you until it’s too late. Sometimes you need an accountability partner. Someone who slaps you across the face and says “WOMAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOURSELF??”

For you, that would be me.

When life is getting so stressful and chaotic that you either want to rebel or completely break down, remember that I’m here, urging you to do something for yourself. I learned the hard way. Now I am aware of my actions and do something for myself nearly every day. No one is perfect and there will be times when you need to take days off to recharge and recover. But let’s prevent the binging when sh*t hits the fan.

Break out a pen and paper (or iPhone) and make a list right now of five things you LOVE doing. They must be something that is only for you. Pick one of those things and practice doing it for the next four days. Then pick another thing and do that for four days. You get the idea. Carve out time every day for yourself. Whether it is five minutes or one hour doesn’t matter. Just make the time every day. Let me know how it goes.

Love is in the air right now because of Valentine’s Day. I want you to practice loving yourself.

I’m offering you a special, out of my love for your self-love, to get you on your feet. You get me in your life for four weeks. We talk about the balancing act you are desperately trying to keep in the air, how to center yourself every day to keep the outside at bay, healthy and nutritious eating options to get you back on track, and exercise plans that can fit into your life seamlessly.

Four weeks = a new you.

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Amie already feels stronger, more balanced, and more in control of her life, in addition to losing 5 pounds. She is eating healthier without the guilt of the occasional treat and has a workout schedule for the first time in her life.

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Monique was shocked to see her pants that used to be very tight on her FALL DOWN when she tried them on again. And she’s mastering the push-up.

Jennie has realized how stress was affecting her body, and is already feeling leaner, stronger, and healthier in a few weeks.


For the next four days, I’m offering this service to you for $197. That’s four one-hour, private coaching calls with me at over 50% off. (Valued at $400.) You can choose to substitute one of the calls as a virtual personal training session on Skype as well.

Known as the Cheetah Package, it includes: 

(4) one-hour individual wellness coaching calls (one per week) based on this schedule:

Week 1: Balance and Centering

  • We define your balance and work towards your ideal lifestyle. We evaluate what is making you feel off center and how to bring you back.

Week 2: Nutrition

  • We look at your eating habits and talk about ways to incorporate healthy options into your daily meals and snacks.

Week 3: Fitness

  • We discuss your exercise and physical activity goals and create one workout plan you can begin immediately.

Week 4: Your Choice

  • Choose any topic that we went over in the previous three weeks to go more in depth (or use this time for a virtual personal training session).

I want you to recognize the love in your life. Practice doing things you love every day. Think about the things that bring a smile to your face or make you feel like a stronger, happier person.

For me, that is running, yoga, and painting (or some other artful craft). (Or treating myself at brunch with friends.)

What is it for you?

Valentine’s Promotion starts Sunday February 12th and ends Thursday, February 16th (at the end of your day). Regain control of your life. Email me at diana (at) dianaantholis (dot) com to get started.