Ab Burner Video, Free Product News, & Session Giveaway!

I know you want sexy abs.

That’s why I made this video just for you. It focuses on your core so you can show off your lean and sexy stomach this summer. Remember, you must do cardio and watch what kind of food you are eating to lose weight. Strengthen your muscles to get ready for the big reveal in only a couple of months! (March, already?!) The video includes 7 ab exercises. Do 2 sets of all 7. Repetitions are noted in the video.

Click here for the video if you cannot see it.


Next, I will be making you a free product. Yes, free.

You deserve to live the healthy, sexy lifestyle you want and you can easily get the results these women received.

Fill out this short survey and tell me what your biggest struggle/challenge is right now in terms of your health and wellness. Based on the results, I will be creating something fantastic that you can implement right away.

Click here for the survey.


Finally, you can enter for a chance to win a FREE wellness coaching or virtual personal training session with ME!

Amanda Abella at Grad Meets World conducted an interview with me and I decided to give away one a session to one of her lucky readers. Head over to her blog and see all the ways you can enter to win. This is valued at $125, so you really don’t want to miss this. She even made an awesome video trailer of our session together!

Click here to enter to win a free session with me.


Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to do your Lean & Sexy in 25 minutes workout either!

  • Congrats to Lindsay Hunt to winning the session!! We had a great workout together!

  • Candylangan

    This is perfect for me to share with all my patients. We are in the same business:
    Candy Langan

  • Diana, I am looking forward to my survey feedback and my first workout.


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