Emotional Eating & Non-Eating: Video Tips and Interview with Angela Charles


It’s pretty amazing what happens when we deal with feelings. Most of the time, we like to hide our feelings because they usually hurt to much when we let them out.

Unfortunately, hidden feelings can cause physical reactions in our bodies, one of which being weight gain.

We all know it as emotional eating. Everyone’s talking about it. So I decided to sit down with Angela Charles, M.S. of Habit Forming Success to discuss more about emotional eating.

In this video we discuss:

  • How emotional eating is a coping mechanism that we use as a result of something that’s happened in the past or present.
  • How we need to be aware of the underlying issue that is causing us to eat instead of deal with our emotions.
  • The techniques that are used to practice mindfulness every day.
  • Tricks and tips we both use with clients to deal with emotional eating.
  • Emotional non-eating: what it is and how to relax your body.

Click here to watch the video.

About Angela Charles:

Angela left her job at a prominent TV studio to pursue a career she could really pour her heart into. After going back to school to obtain her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, Angela began working as a Life Coach and absolutely loves walking alongside individuals, couples and groups as they pursue personal growth and powerful change. She is passionate about nutrition, fitness, health and relationships.

Connect with her:

Blog: HabitFormingSuccess.com

Twitter: @acharlescoach

Facebook: Habit Forming Success Coach