What to Do When You Don’t Feel Like Yourself

A couple of months ago, I was at a party with a friend and I was feeling really uneasy. As we were talking, she asked me something and I was really hesitant. She looked at me, skeptical, and said, “What’s up with you? This is not the Diana I know.”

I said, “I know.”

I felt angry, sad, and ashamed.

She was totally right.

Something was bringing me down but I couldn’t really pinpoint it. (or I didn’t want to pinpoint it)

Or perhaps I was deep in denial. (denial can be a wonderful place to live)

All I knew is that she was right, I didn’t feel like myself. Then I proceeded to feel badly because I wasn’t being myself, which is basically just being more unlike yourself. Vicious cycle.

It ended up being bit of both actually—not wanting to pinpoint it and being in denial.

We ended the night cheers-ing to me getting back to ME. Basically, unleashing my sexy.

I’m all excited at this point, because awareness is the first step, right?? So I’m proud of myself because now I’m aware I’m not acting like myself and that should be all I have to do. Great!

No. Wrong. Not great.

Yes, sometimes just being aware of something can melt away stress or anxiety. I often do this when I’m nervous about something. As soon as I figure out exactly why I’m nervous, I can talk myself out of it.

But sometimes you have to go a little deeper. Into that scary place. That place called your brain. Your thoughts. Your FEELINGS. Ugh.

Dealing with your feelings isn’t always fun, but it’s necessary if you want to make any kind of progress in life. Whether it’s grieving over a loved one or making big decisions.

I used to be really closed off to my feelings. I stuffed them, suppressed them, whatever you want to call it. And that caused me big trouble. Physical trouble. Because your emotions are energy and when you don’t deal with your feelings/emotions, they become stuck. So then you have these stuck energy balls in your body that can manifest themselves anywhere and then one day, surprise! you have back pain, migraines, stomach issues, sciatica problems, or worse.

Not fun.

So, back to not feeling like myself. Or you not feeling like yourself. We’ve all be there. So what is it? What is making you feel uneasy? Uncomfortable? Like running out the door and never returning?

Feel those feelings. And always remember, they are JUST feelings. That’s all they are. Feel them, release them, then start acting like you again.

In my case, I had to make a decision. A decision I was avoiding. It didn’t come right away. I had to sit with it a while. I had to feel all the feelings that came with it (not pretty or fun). But I feel better now. And more like myself.

And that’s all we really want right? To feel better.

Here’s to feeling better, being yourself, and unleashing your sexy. Cheers.