How to Get Motivated (or How to Embrace Your Laziness)

I’m going to be honest with you. I’ve felt like doing nothing lately.

If you’re anything like me, when you feel like being the laziest person on the planet, you start should-ing. You tell yourself you should be productive, you should get work done, you should workout, you should clean the house.

But the should-ing only makes us feel one thing: GUILT.

And what does guilt do for us? NOTHING.

What to do when you feel like doing nothing:

1) Don’t get wrapped up in all the things you should be doing. Forget them. They only make you stressed. Then that stress makes you do more of nothing.

2) Do something really fun. Make plans with your friends. Go to the beach. Read a new book. This way you are doing something that doesn’t feel like a should and isn’t part of your to-do list.

3) Pick one thing on your list and do it. Just do it. Don’t think about it. Pick up the phone to make that call you’ve been avoiding. Put on your sneakers and go for a walk. Drive to the yoga class. Write the blog post. Getting one thing done will make you feel GOOD. And show you that it isn’t all that hard to get one thing done.

When we see a massive list of items that we need to check off, we avoid them. We assume they will take up too much of our time, they won’t be fun, or that we need to wait for motivation to do it right.

Instead of waiting for motivation (never works), tell someone about something on your list and have them check-in with you about it. Accountability goes a long way.

This happened to me last week. I needed to find out information about a project I was doing and I was avoiding it. I told someone else this and it made me do it immediately because he was going to check-in with me later. It was super easy, took about five minutes, and I felt great after. While not all things will only take five minutes, the point is that you just have to do it. Don’t wait for any external factors. It’s like jumping into the cold ocean. Just jump in. Don’t try to inch your way in slowly…or else someone else is going to come running in splashing you and you will not be happy about it.

Happy Fourth of July Americans! Enjoy your day off, do something you really want to do, and appreciate your amazing life.