Lead Your Present to a Certain Future (or How to Get What You Want)

“You can’t control your future but you can lead your present to a certain future by making some decisions.”

I love this line. A good friend wrote this to me yesterday while we were discussing friends, relationships, and life.

This is a perfect addition to this week’s Monday Mantra (sign up to get them in your inbox) on “Planning & Defining Letting it Flow and Living in the Moment” where I challenge all of the planners, perfectionists, Type A personalities, and high-energy spitballs of fire to actually plan to let it flow. Because when you are constantly telling yourself not to do something with “don’t” and “stop”, you are being way too harsh on the person you should be the kindest too—yourself.

By simply changing your wording around, you can actually live in the present moment without yelling at yourself. Plan to let it flow.

Is it an oxymoron? Absolutely.

But the planners and controllers out there know what I mean and appreciate a plan, even if that plan is to not have a plan. Have I confused you yet? 🙂

BUT, when “letting it flow,” you cannot, I repeat, cannot, just sit back, relax, and watch life pass you by. You cannot expect everything you want to just show up and work out magically on your behalf.

You must do something about it. You must act on what the universe/God/whatever you believe brings you. You must make some decisions.

And that’s why I love that quote above by my friend. Life is uncertain and we cannot know what is going to happen in our future. But we can make decisions right now, in the present moment, that can lead us to a more certain future. This moment is all we have.

You have the control. Always, always remember that.

Take what life brings you and make something fantastic out of it. It’s your future.