How to Create Your Own Mantra

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I always talk about a subject that’s going on in my own, my friend’s, or my client’s life at the moment. We can all relate, even if we aren’t currently going through that particular situation.

I’ve received a lot of feedback on how you really look forward to these mantras and how they help you get through the week. Sometimes we all just need that little boost.

So I thought, “What would be better than teaching you how to create your own mantra?”

I do this with clients, and here is an example of one that I worked on with someone.


Here’s how we got there. Ask yourself the following questions.

1) “How am I feeling right now?”

Think about your real feelings. Overwhelmed? Nervous? Scared? Angry? Really pay attention and be honest with yourself.

2) “What is going on in my life that is making me feel this way?”

These are the thoughts that are making you feel how you responded in question one.

3) “How do I want to feel?”

When I do this exercise, my answers are usually: peaceful, calm, or happy. Think about how you REALLY want to feel.

4) “What thought would make me feel this way right now?”

This is a tough one. It doesn’t always come easily. But try to think of something that is true. If you feel like you aren’t good enough at your job, your new thought would be, “I am good enough, I do excellent work.” If you are very deep into your fears, this may take longer to pull out.

You can ask yourself, “What is the opposite of my fearful thought?” or “What would my best friend tell me right now if I told him/her how I was feeling?”

5) Create a mantra out of your new thought.

Take one thought (you may need to shorten it) and repeat it to yourself whenever you are feeling stressed, anxiety, or fearful again. Write it on a post-it, in your phone, or create a big photograph to hang up. Remember that you can choose to feel differently.

“I can be the woman I want to be” came from sitting with these questions for about ten minutes. Sometimes it takes longer. Sometimes you will surprise yourself with how your mantra was already in your head and you just needed to be given the opportunity to say it aloud.

I just did this exercise myself and my mantra is, “I am powerful and centered.” I didn’t think about it very long, I just let it flow out of my head. That’s the key. Don’t over-think it.

Try it out. Let me know how you do! 

Side note: I teach a strength and movement class every Friday morning for seniors in an assisted living facility. One of the seniors made me this necklace today. I always leave there with a huge smile. It’s an inspirational group of people. Click here to see it. (and follow me on Tumblr) 😉