2013 Mantra: Health & Happiness (Recap of 2012)


Extreme highs. Extreme lows. That’s the best way I can describe 2012.

In January of 2012, my mantra for the year was Sexy Success. I defined Sexy Success as “…really focusing on what makes you feel whole. It means happiness. It means living life meaningfully. It means love. It means doing what you want.” It started in 2011 by believing in myself and becoming very clear on what I wanted. 2012 was only the beginning of starting to live the life I wanted. Let’s recap::

Unleash Your Sexy, DianaAntholis.com

It’s almost the one year anniversary of this website, blog, and business. I launched this site January 8, 2012, ditching my management consulting and advertising past to help women live balanced, centered, sexy — and most of all, healthy. (And reached people in 130 countries around the world this year!)

In the past year, my clients and UYS members have lost weight, gained strength-mentally and physically, realized they can be who they want to be, rid their vocabulary of “shoulds” and “can’ts”, and ultimately believed in themselves again. 

Hearing from you makes my day. I only have more to come. My Balanced, Centered, and Sexy Kindle e-book launches around the 1st birthday of this site, January 8th. The Unleash Your Sexy Program is currently being revamped and restructured based on your feedback. The UYS Self-Study Program is being created. And more videos are coming your way…



Running deserves to get it’s own category. I started running long distances as of November 2011. Before that, I hated running, but something just clicked in my mind and I told myself I wanted to run long distances, ultimately a half marathon. So I started training, then I injured my foot, then I continued training and ran a 10K in Central Park on June 9, 2012. That’s something I never thought I would do and not only did I do it, I actually enjoyed it. I’m not a speedy distance runner, but I feel great at my pace. I found that was what was holding me back for so long—thinking I had to have a fast pace from the very beginning. I only set myself up for failure. Practice and time are everything when it comes to running.

Just recently, I started a small, closed running group on Facebook called Runners Unleashed. Click to join in. We hold one another accountable and give advice, especially for cold weather running right now. All levels are welcome—we have marathoners and beginners.

This year, my big goal is to run a half marathon. I am signed up for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in Washington D.C. on March 16th. I follow the Hal Higdon training plan. Join the group to hear more about it.



The relationship I was in for 4 1/2 years ended in May 2012. I didn’t talk much about it on this site, except for one Monday Mantra: Relationships Are Not Hard. But it was the best thing that could have happened for me. Using everything I’ve learned, all that I teach, and the experience of others, I coached myself through the break-up process and came out on top.

Love is: Smiles. Laughter. Communication. Decisions. Compromise. Fulfilling. Kind. Happy. Peace. Warmth. Commitment. Free. Fun. 

Remember that you deserve all of that and more. Relationships are not hard. They are work, but the kind of work that produces good, happy, and better results. Breaking up (with significant others, with friends, with careers, with bad habits) is never easy, but the small struggle in the beginning is worth the lifetime of happiness in the end.

The universe brought someone very special into my life now, because I put out there what I wanted, believed in it, and it came to me. Your thoughts become your reality. Now I’m with a man who shows me what love really is. Merci beaucoup. 


I love to travel, yet my international jetsetting desires have been curbed for the last five years. 2012 brought me to Southeast Asia. My brother lives in Thailand and a good friend from graduate school lives in Indonesia. So off I was for six weeks, from early October to mid-November. My brother and I traveled throughout Thailand together for almost a month. My boyfriend and I traveled Indonesia for two weeks. This trip was unlike anything I’ve ever done before. I learned so much about myself. Read more here and look at some pictures here on instagram.

My big travel of 2013 is bringing me to Barcelona, Paris, and the south of France. I will be in Paris on my 30th birthday, April 26th. I told myself on New Years Day 2012 that I would get to Paris before I turn 30. I definitively announced it in mid-2012. It’s happening. I can’t wait. Bonjour champagne, chocolat, Ladurée, et Chanel. 


I seriously cut back on meat intake in 2012. I call myself a flexitarian. Chicken was my main dish and now I barely eat it. I have steak once in a while. I only eat sheep and goat dairy occasionally due to a cow dairy sensitivity. I have egg whites. I eat plants. I have grains. My meals are mostly vegetarian.

By doing this, I lost weight without intending to and I feel fantastic. The documentary Forks Over Knives changed the way I view eating meat and dairy in terms of preventing and reversing disease in our bodies. It’s worth the watch.

Diet and exercise play the most important roles in fighting sickness and disease. Not only do we feel great and look great when we eat healthy and exercise, we prevent ourselves from getting sick and we lengthen our lives.

  • Watching the (not good) evolution of my aunt’s cancer over the last three months and listening to the doctors has given me a greater insight into disease prevention through diet.
  • Exercising with seniors every week has given me a greater insight on how important movement and strength is NOW before it’s too late.

I plan to talk about this more in 2013 and continue my healthy eating lifestyle of less meat, more plants. I don’t believe in diets or deprivation as stated in my Core Beliefs. I believe in indulgences and chocolate. Eating and living healthy is not about starving and binging. It’s not about counting points. It’s about finding the foods that are good for you and that you enjoy and incorporating them into your daily eating habits. Click here and here for healthy recipes.


2013: Health & Happiness

My mantra for 2013 is Health & Happiness.

Health: More exercise, more running, more yoga. More plant-based meals. More MIND health: reducing stress, clearing and releasing anxiety, dropping fear, taming nerves, living in the present moment. More unleashing my sexy.

Happiness: More doing what I want to do. More letting go of future fears. More travel. More love. More time for me. More putting myself first. Less stress. Less anxiety. Less time wasted. More living.


What’s your mantra for 2013? Share it here, on Facebook, on Twitter. Or email me privately.

Cheers to a beautifully happy and healthy 2013. I’m starting my 2013 with love, friends, champagne, and sparkles. 


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