Why You’re Not Losing Weight (and the Only REAL Way to Take Care of Yourself)

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I posted this Facebook status this morning because I’m pissed off.

I’m pissed off because “exercising more and eating less” is not the way to lose weight. It’s not the way to feel better about yourself. It’s not the way you are going to maintain a healthy, sexy life.

You’ve probably told yourself on more than one occasion that you’re not good enough. That you’ll never be able to lose weight. That you’ll never look like Victoria’s Secret supermodels (dude, they’re like, 14). That you shouldn’t even start because you just know that you’ll fail. That you’ll never be able to do that Pilates move that they call “boat pose” where you only balance on your butt and keep your back and legs straight at the same time, because you’re just not meant to move that way. That you will go on a diet and starve yourself so you can be skinny and Instagram pictures of yourself at the beach.

There’s a lot of motivational garbage out there that says:

  • “Strong is the new skinny.”
  • “Don’t give up.”
  • “Earn your body.”
  • “Suck it up.”
  • “Excuses don’t burn calories.”

Shall I keep going? I’d rather not.

Sure, maybe one of these Pinterest quotes in a fancy font will give you the 3 second mental push you need to tell yourself to JUST DO IT. But did you DO IT? Did you actually get up and go workout? Did you make your own dinner that night at home from the fresh veggies you took the time to pick out at the farmer’s market?

I’m going to take a wild guess that you didn’t. Or if you did, you did it once, and then didn’t do it again. Why? Because I haven’t met anyone who actually gets shit done for a long period of time based on that type of motivation. Not even myself.

I know what you’re thinking. “HOW? Diana, HOW do I do this? HOW do I become someone who WANTS to exercise and eat healthy when it just sucks?” 

Well there’s your first problem. You think it sucks.

Your mind controls your body—my main philosophy. Whatever you’re thinking, whatever feelings you’ve been avoiding, and whatever stress and anxiety you’re experiencing are stuck in your body. This not only causes weight gain, but other serious health problems. And top doctors around the world have the research to prove this. 

THAT is why you’re not losing weight. THAT is why eating healthy, or rather quitting the unhealthy food, is so damn hard. THAT is why you can’t get yourself on the mat, at the gym, or in the class to move your body. 

To get from the “shoulding” to the “wanting” you have to do a little digging into those nasty thoughts. You have to do some feeling. You have to become aware of what’s really bothering you, making you angry, making you sad, making you nervous, or making you afraid.

Once you have that awareness, a whole new world opens up. You feel free. You feel centered. You feel balanced. You feel sexy.

Then, you will drop the pounds, build the muscle, eat real food, cook at home, and live your life. You will have two glasses of wine without feeling guilty. You will pick at some french fries from your spouse’s plate without worrying. You will have the chocolate soufflé on your birthday without thinking about doing a juice cleanse the next day (which are terrible by the way and help you gain weight).

None of that will matter any more. Your mind and your body will be one. You will crave spinach (seriously). You will feel off when you don’t workout (seriously). And you will never feel guilty again for not getting up at 5am to go for that run you hate doing anyway.

This is what I do every day. I help clients. I help friends. I help family. I help MYSELF. I know too well what these feelings can do to your body. (My story is in my book.) And I know that it sucks. I know what a terrible feeling it is. I know that the helplessness you’re feeling needs to end.

The major secret to going from “shoulding” to “wanting” is consistency. I’ll be launching the Unleash Your Sexy Platinum Membership by September 1, which will be your accountability to lead the balanced, centered, and sexy life you want and deserve, with exclusive access to me to keep you on track. All of this costing much less than your gym membership (that you’re not using anyway).

Fill out this survey to tell me what you’d love to get from the membership. 

Define your balance, find your center, and unleash your sexy. Why? Because you can. How? That’s why you have me.


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