2014 Mantra: Act With Love

I don’t set new year resolutions. I sent intentions, mantras, and words to live by. 

Included in this post is a recap of 2013 (including the most popular and influential posts), my mantra for 2014, and how you can make your own mantra in two easy steps.


2013 blew my mind.

I set my intention for 2013 one year ago: “Health & Happiness” 

As I look back on 2013, I lived my year through that mantra. I completed a half marathon, I gained a new yoga and Pilates certification, I skied, I conquered major fears in my business, I fell madly in love, I traveled more than I have in years, and I focused on myself. The 2013 I lived is eerily accurate to the one I envisioned.


Now it’s time for 2014. 

act with love 2014

My 2014 mantra: Act with love.

Love is a powerful word, filled with meaning. I intend my life in 2014 to be filled with love. Business love. Romantic love. Family and friendships love. And, most importantly, love for myself.

I will live by this mantra. I will find love in every single thing that I do.

Why? Because finding love, giving love, receiving love, and living in love is so much better than living in fear, sadness, and anger.

Will every day be perfect? No. 

Will I have fear, sadness, and anger? Of course. 

But if I can channel the love in my life to overcome these emotions, then I can live happier and more fulfilled.

2014 is a big year (as I look down at the ring on my finger) in more ways than one. And I’m excited to go on this journey.

Cheers to a beautiful, heart-filled 2014.

Here’s a recap of my 2013 through pictures. 

I have astonished myself with my accomplishments: Kindle book launch, Running a half marathon, Skiing in Mount Tremblant, Gore, and Mount Snow, Launching my workout videos, Stand-up paddle boarding, Fitness Magazine event, Speaking at Hoboken Women’s Network, PRINT BOOK LAUNCH + PARTY, Traveling to France twice (plus Barcelona, Netherlands, Belgium), Watching my great friends get married/engaged/have babies, Jersey Shore beach weekends, and Getting ENGAGED to an absolutely wonderful man who is perfect for me. 


Make your own mantra for 2014 in two steps.

1. How do you want to feel?

2. What do you want more of?

Turn this into a mantra of only a few words. Click here for a template that you can add to your phone. 


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