10 Spectacular Things Happening Right Now

You have amazing things happening in your life right now. Yes, you.

Have you taken the time to fully appreciate them?

Our brains can get so focused on the negatives…spinning stories that aren’t true, creating dramas out of peace…so let’s cut that crap and get to the good stuff. Let’s celebrate, brag, and be excited about our awesome lives. Taking a nod from Coach Jennie, here I go:

10 Spectacular Things Happening Right Now

1. I am seriously rocking my transition to Paris. Back in February, I was excited but scared. I had no idea what it would be like to move to another country, not knowing a soul except my fiancé. Now, it’s become my normal life. Sure, there are difficulties, but I choose to be happy every day.

2. I can understand and speak French. I’ve blown my own mind with my progress from my arrival in Charles de Gaulle to now, 8 months later. I completed 9 weeks of French classes (9 hours per week) when I arrived, and since then I practice with anyone I can. Mon amie à la boulangerie, the guy who sells me wine at Nicolas, the farmers at the marché, and my new famille. Nothing makes me smile more here than when a Parisian tells me they are impressed with my French.  Plus, the immigration office gave me a certificate that said my French was good enough to live and work in France. Pas mal. 😉

3. I have successfully brought my business to Paris. I do workouts in the gorgeous parks, one-on-one and small groups. The women here have been beyond supportive, signing up for weeks upon weeks of sessions and telling their friends. I’ve become known in Paris for exercise and personal training, whereas that has usually been a complement to my coaching business online. But that’s about to change with many upcoming programs in 2015. Plus, many women in Paris have their own copies of my book, UNLEASHED.

4. Our wedding is December 31st! In only 2 months (wow!), our New Year’s Eve wedding is happening! Instead of worrying about the last few details that need to be planned, let’s think about how gorgeous my dress is, how intimate and cozy our venue is, how wildly fun it will be to party with our friends and family, and of course how awesome it will be for G and I to put on those wedding rings. We may be already legally married, but December 31, 2014 is our official wedding date and we can’t wait.

5. The honeymoon in Tanzania. I can’t even believe where we are going. We’re going to be on a super luxe safari in the Serengeti for 4 days and then will spend 10 sit-on-the-beach-and-be-served-food-morning-to-evening luxurious days in our private villa in Zanzibar. OMG. Words do not even describe.

6. The Unleash Your Sexy Guided Program will be released in Spring 2015. I’ve been talking about this (in my head) for a long time. It was never the right time to execute though, and I love to execute. Now is the time. Today, with a professional filmmaker, we filmed the videos that will be going into this program. A combination of coaching, food, and exercise, I am creating the ultimate UYS experience that women can follow on their own week by week. Living balanced, centered, and sexy will never have been more accessible.

filming videos UYS

7. New York, Paris, London, Rome. All in 2014. We came from New York, we live in Paris, we just came back from London for a Paris friend’s wedding, we’re going to Rome in 8 days, and then back to New York for the holidays. Being able to live in Europe and easily travel throughout is a dream come true. I wanted this to be our life, and it has become it. #manifest

8. My new vitamins are incredible. Health is obviously super important to me. Being able to go to Whole Foods in London was heaven. I picked up Source of Life Gold Tablets and upon taking one vitamin the first day, I did not have my mid-day fatigue like usual. I felt great. G even came home saying he only had one-cup of coffee instead of three. I eat very healthy and try to get all of my vitamins from food—but I felt like I was missing something. My blood tests have shown low Vitamin D and I had stopped taking those supplements given by my doctor since moving to Paris (which is not good because the sun is not a frequent guest here). We’ve never felt better taking these vitamins.

9. My clients are rockstars. I created the UYS brand almost three years ago (what??) and the women who have come into my life are blowing my mind. They are starting their own businesses and getting booked solid. They are naturally living healthier—exercising more, sleeping better, focusing on their careers, cooking nice meals, and enjoying life more. They are having more loving romantic relationships with their partners. They are losing weight, toning up, and finding muscles they’ve never seen before. They are dropping fear and believing in themselves once again. They are reminding themselves that THEY CAN DO IT. They tell me how I’ve helped them change their lives—and I couldn’t be more humbled.

10. My husband is perfect for me. He works 12 hour days and is completely exhausted, but he always comes home with a smile and wants to know all about my day. He has bad days, but he chooses happiness. He sends me cute texts every day, no matter how busy he is. He cleans the kitchen. He is open to all of the possibilities the world gives us. He loves to take weekend trips but loves to stay home too. He doesn’t care that sometimes dinner is a random concoction of ingredients I find in the refrigerator. He always supports my thoughts and emotions, even if we disagree. He gives me love all the time. He always makes sure I’m happy. He almost always says YES, and if he wants to say no, he comes up with another alternative. He always says we are in this together and he acts on it.


I already felt good today, but now I feel even better. I am incredibly thankful for a wonderful life.

Your turn! Write your 10 spectacular things happening right now and share the link with us!

  • PatriciaParisienne

    Diana! I absolutely love this! So so so thrilled for you and all of the wonderful things that are happening in your life. May it always be this wonderful and exciting. I can’t think of a better addition to Paris – and certainly my life as well. Thank you for being you and for bringing yourself and your amazing, positive energy to the City of Light and for enriching our lives! xx

    • Thank you Patricia for your amazingly kind words and for your help and friendship in my move to Paris!!!! xoxo

  • Diana — You are a true inspiration! Congrats on everything you have going on. Love your focus on choosing to be happy. Keep rocking it, girl! I’m about to get my hands on my own copy of Unleashed 🙂

    • Thank you Sara! Yes – I know that I always have a choice in how I am. And I choose happiness. Can’t wait for you to read UNLEASHED!!!!! 🙂

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