2015: Nourish

I don’t set resolutions for the new year. I sent intentions, mantras, and words to live by. 

2014 mantra: Act with love

2013 mantra: Health & Happiness

2012 mantra: Sexy Success

In 2014, I acted with love. I fell in love with my new city, Paris. I married a man who exhales love, whose eyes radiate love. I chose love through all the difficult times, like being away from friends and family and trying to learn how to deposit money at a French bank. I treated everyone I met kindly and compassionately. I spread love. I gave love. I was love. And that won’t end in 2015 or for the rest of my life. But I’m ready for the next level in 2015.

2015 mantra: Nourish

2015 Mantra Nourish


This word is not just calling me, it’s enveloping my entire body.

It’s hitting me across the face while swaddling me in a cozy blanket.

The past few years have been red hot, like fire. Red has been my color. It’s hot, bold, daring, and sexy. It represents how I like to go BIG. I get big ideas, and I execute immediately. I get shit done.

That won’t change in 2015.

I’m adding an element of softness to 2015, a touch of pink to my red. I will cherish, enrich, and nurture myself and my business. Everything I do will be nourishing. For my body, for my mind, for my soul. And for you. Each project I am creating for 2015 involves self-nourishment. 

Monday Mantras, the book. 

For the last 3 years. I’ve written to you nearly every Monday with a mantra to live the week (and our lives) by.  By March, you’ll be able to have the best mantras in one place—my second book. Perfect for a daily reminder or to look up a mantra you really need in that moment. Planned launch: end of February.

The Unleash Your Sexy Program, on your own time.

For the last 3 years, I’ve been coaching women from all over the world individually. They’ve learned how to love themselves, establish self-care routines in their crazy solopreneur worlds, and unleash their sexy—for themselves and their businesses. By May, you’ll be able to unleash your sexy on your own time. Over 7 weeks, I’ll be sending you exactly what you need each week to free your mind, love your body, and nourish your soul. Planned launch: mid-April.

The Unleash Your Sexy Experience, the retreat.

Oooohhhhh yes! Come join me in-person to truly live and experience feeling balanced, centered, and sexy. The first group retreat will be in Paris in Fall 2015. With Paris as your backdrop and me as your guide, falling in love with yourself will be as easy as biting into that croissant. [Yes we will eat croissants. That’s how this whole balance thing works. :)]

More options for individual days with me in Paris will be available early this year as well. 


Can’t wait for these unleashed experiences? Neither can I.

Leave a comment and tell me which UYS experience you’re most excited about, plus your mantra for 2015. If you’re not on the UYS free membership list, get on it now to get your weekly Monday Mantra and be the first to know about when these experiences launch. Click here.


To create your own mantra, answer these 2 questions:

1. How do you want to feel?

2. What do you want more of?


Cheers to a nourishing 2015.


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  • PatriciaParisienne

    Love this! I’ve also adopted your mantra-for-the-year instead of resolutions, which I always break. My mantra for 2015 is explore. The world, new countries, new paths, everything. So excited for all of these UYS programs! I’m super excited about the book and the retreat! Can’t wait to hear more about them! So thrilled for you and all that UYS has developed into. You’re a phenomenon that can’t be stopped; keep it up!!

    • Explore! Love this for you. I love explore in the literal sense, and also explore in the figurative sense. Exploring yourself through the next year. 🙂
      Thank you!!

  • laurenharpist

    What a great idea! My mantra for 2015 is GO! This is the year to go for it! I’ve spent the past few years, preparing and I’m ready to make these plans into reality! I want to feel that I’ve lived day out to its fullest! Thank you for posing these questions! Love this!

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