Unleash Your Sexy is 4 Years Old

Four and a half years ago I was struggling.

Struggling to find more meaning in my work. Struggling to find more happiness in my life.

I had recently completed graduate school, after working many long years in advertising. I was doing the consulting work I thought I wanted to be doing, but something was missing. When asked what I really wanted to be doing, teaching balance was it. Balance was the reason I changed jobs. Balance was the reason I did my masters in organizational management. Balance was the reason I almost went for my PhD. Balance was the reason I went into consulting. Balance was elusive to me and so many others. And I was determined to change that.

The debate on balance was a hot subject in 2012, and it still is now. Ten thousand different buzz words were being used at the time. No one believed that balance existed. Everyone had (and still has) an opinion on it. And to their credit, they are right to have their own opinions, because balance is uniquely subjective. This concept is what I was screaming with my fingers as I was tweeting and commenting on blogs. I believed that balance could be achieved, but that we all needed some help in understanding what balance actually was. We needed to define it for ourselves.

Balance was my priority. At work. In school. In relationships. In doing what made me happy. In taking the time for myself, especially when I was stressed.

Why? The physical implications on my body made me fight for this. I had had enough. And if you’ve read the introductions to both of my books (more detail in Sanity is Sexy), then you know what I was going through. My stress manifested itself in my body. And it didn’t have plans to leave anytime soon.

I had no control. Or at least that’s what I thought. And I realized that everyone deals with this, but in different ways. You have worries. You have anger. You have sadness. You have nerves. You have major life events that destroy you like a death in the family, being laid off, or a broken marriage. You gain weight. You get back pain. You burn out. You become depressed. You quit everything and move to another country to start over. You stay in the same routine, getting sicker and sicker every day, not knowing that there was a better life waiting for you. You have serious diseases that are life threatening. This is the mind-body connection. It’s science. It’s psychological. It’s real.

I studied this. I applied it to myself. I taught it to a brave group of women who wanted to live unleashed. Unleashed from their thoughts, unleashed from what was holding them back. And we all saw tremendous results.

That’s when, on January 8, 2012, I launched this website declaring that women could live balanced, centered, and sexy. For four years, I’ve been creating, teaching, and living this lifestyle. I’ve been coaching women who want better lives for themselves, to be healthier, to find balance, to make exercise a want instead of a should, to feel centered and calm rather than stressed and anxious, and who want to feel a wild unleashed sexiness deep down at their cores.

The Unleash Your Sexy movement has spanned the world online, and been personally introduced to women where I’ve lived. Starting in New York/New Jersey and jumping over to Paris, France, I’ve made it my mission to have women nourish themselves—mind, body, and soul.

There have been ups and downs that I always turn into lessons learned. I’m tenacious like that. I’ve changed my coaching program three times, and my clients know that I customize towards your needs. I’ve written two books, both bestsellers on Amazon, both books that I know I need to promote more in the world. I’ve filmed two sets of downloadable workout videos (one that is for sale now and one that’s coming this year), while battling crazy biting flies. I’ve put yoga and exercise videos on YouTube and Periscope, proving that the most popular video with over 85K views is the one I did as soon as I woke up with no fancy yoga clothes and no brush to my hair. I have conducted personal fitness training on Skype with people around the world and in-person with views of famous Paris monuments. I organized group exercise classes, challenging women to push themselves to their highest potentials. I’ve spoken at women’s events, changing perspectives on what women once thought was true. I’ve been interviewed countless times, spreading this movement to thousands. I’ve written Monday Mantras for exactly four years, and highlighted the best ones in my latest book.

Over these four years, women (and men) have: created daily exercise routines, lost weight, built muscle, made healthy meals at home, tried kombucha, calmed themselves down with mantras, created a business they were too scared to start (and then continued to become booked solid), learned what emotions were holding them back, created better relationships with their spouses, become happier, helped others, fixed their digestive systems, eliminated physical pain due to stress, learned what stress is and how to control it, set boundaries, found new jobs, made more money, gotten married, found a balance that works for them, started yoga routines, made more time for themselves and their families, and have lived more fulfilling lives.

Lately I’ve been in the mood to change things up a bit. To offer more. To make this experience more. To give you more of what you want. Podcasts, Blab video discussions, workbooks to do on your own, more videos, deeper mantras, integrative nutrition information, and ways to stay organized and balanced that comes naturally and easily. So please do tell me what you want more of. I do this for US. You + me.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading. Thank you for listening. Thank you for watching. That you for spreading the Unleash Your Sexy movement to your friends and family. I see your comments, I read your emails, and I cherish you.

Let’s continue to change the world together. One unleashed woman at a time.

2016 for me is all about being wild and free. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen.

  • Rebecca Hill

    I’m a bit late to say this, but congrats on turning four years!! Thanks for all you write to inspire us all.

  • Congratulations on turning 4 years!! Just came across your blog today and love it so far.. Very inspiring.