RELINQISH CONTROL AND EMBRACE CREATE (plus the secret I’ve been hiding for 5 months)


{you will want to read to the end on this one, as I tell you the secret I’ve been hiding for the last five months}

You can move forward, even when others stay back. You can evolve, even when others hide. You can be different, even when others conform. You can take chances, even when others need control.

You don’t have to stay the same. You can change. You can try new things. You can make new friends. You can change your career. You can live in a different place. You can keep moving. You don’t have to be stuck.

Sometimes what you think is practical and logical and makes the most sense actually doesn’t make sense at all for your life. Sometimes what you think you want isn’t the best solution for you. Sometimes the best solution is out there waiting for you to pick it up. So why don’t you pick it up?

It’s simple really—you’re scared of the unknown. And that’s okay, I don’t know anyone who isn’t scared of what may happen in the future. But number one, it’s the future and it hasn’t happened yet and number two, you can create your future.

In the last few years of my life have I learned how to relinquish control and embrace create. Not everything is going to go as you planned or envisioned. And if you hold tightly onto control, it will only exacerbate your stress levels. But if you embrace create, you allow yourself to feel wild and free.

And isn’t feeling wild and free pretty wonderful?

My mantra for 2016 is “Wild and Free.” I chose these words very specifically back in January. What I didn’t say at the time was exactly why I made that my mantra for this year.

A reminder of what I had written:

2016 is going to bring me ideas, projects, and life events that will feel wild. Wild in the best possibly way and wild in the scariest possible way. I’m leaving my comfort zone and going for it. I’m letting the wild take over.

2016 is going to bring me freedom. Freedom from others, from expectations, from myself. I will not hold back. I will not give a shit about anything that isn’t important to me. I will only focus on the important things in my life. The rest will fall away. I don’t want to feel trapped by thoughts and feelings that don’t work for me. As the French say, “Je m’en fous.” I don’t care.

Wild and Free is my mantra for 2016 because I’m experiencing a major life event—I’m pregnant!

Our baby girl will arrive in August. {announcement here} And while this is a totally exciting and heartwarming time, it’s also very scary. In one instant, my life completely changed. All ideas I had about were I would be in my life at this time had to go out the window. I had no choice but to relinquish control and embrace create.

We all do this—we say that we will get married when…, have a baby when…, go back to school when…, start my own business when…, quit my job when…, start eating healthy when…

Amiright? We’re always pushing our goals into the future. Because—change. Because—comfort levels. Because—fear.

When you re-read my description of what wild and free means to me in 2016 with this new perspective, you’ll understand what I mean. For the last five months, I’ve been focusing on letting in the wild and creating freedom. It’s a daily work in progress, as major change has happened to my husband and myself in 2016, between learning the French healthcare system in a whole new way to moving into a bigger apartment to dealing with the variety of emotions that come with this life stage.

If you are expecting a child or a mother, I’d love to talk to you about what keeps you sane and sexy during this time. Please start by filling out this short survey to be involved in two new projects I’m creating for us. (Obviously feeling sexy is part of this!)

So my friends, soon we’ll have a new member of the Unleash Your Sexy tribe. I can’t wait to teach her everything I know.

Think about how you can apply this mantra to your life now: Relinquish control and embrace create.