2018: Power

I’m reclaiming my power. Impulsive change, gutsy beginnings, sassy confidence…I’m ready to go bold for 2018.

In 2017, I called upon my strength. Being a new mom and going through yoga teacher training at the same time had me questioning my sanity countless times. But, I did it (on zero sleep).

2016 was our transition year. 2017 was our foundation year. 2018 is the year for change.

In addition to caring for my baby full-time and yoga teacher training, 2017 brought us to our first family vacation in Portugal, road trips throughout France (new visits to Cap Ferret and a few villages in the Loire Valley), and three trips to the ever exotic New Jersey to visit my family. I watched my daughter sit up, crawl, and walk in Rodin’s garden and the Jardin du Luxembourg. I started giving private and semi-private yoga classes to moms in their apartments. I made new friends and became a volunteer for an organization dedicated to supporting English-speaking parents in Paris. This all may sound bold already, but I’m going for some new challenges this year.

2018, don’t hold back.

I love re-reading my previous mantras. Go back into yours and see how you’ve evolved over the years. 

2017 mantra: Strength

2016 mantra: Wild & Free

2015 mantra: Nourish

2014 mantra: Act with love

2013 mantra: Health & Happiness

2012 mantra: Sexy Success

To create your own mantra, answer these 2 questions:

1. How do you want to feel?

2. What do you want more of?