2019: Wholeness. Art. Clarity. Reconnection.

Be whole.
Clear the mind.
Heal the unresolved.
Reconnect to my purpose.
Make art.

I want to feel whole more than I want to feel happy. I want to have a sense of ME.

Fierce belief in who I am, what I can do, and what I know I’m capable of. Explore my artistic expression and allow my creativity to run wild. Heal the unresolved and detach from anything or anyone who doesn’t support my core beliefs.

2018 brought high and low extremes. I’m craving balance. I’m ready to move forward and be limitless in my potential.


We travelled to Faro Portugal, Bamboo Island Palawan Philippines, Manila, Hong Kong, Cap Ferret, NJ, NYC, DC, VA, Disneyland Paris, GREECE, and Seattle and Hood River Oregon. Travel is necessary for growth and heart. My daughter leaps in her development every time we travel.

We also rode a roller coaster of emotion in 2018. In January, I found lump in my throat. Ultimately it was a benign cyst on my thyroid that was drained and deemed non-risky. But the first six weeks of the year brought about an unknown that tested all of us. (emotions and labs) Then, from March through December, we were told we would live in seven different locations. Yes, seven. We had to digest each one as it came. This stung as it was our ultimate goal for 2018. Bigger plans awaited us though. We should know more in a few months.

Wholeness. Art. Clarity. Reconnection. 2019 will be a big year.