2021: Fire

2021: Fire

Passions challenged,
boundaries crossed.
You think you’re in,
until you’re tossed.

Grounded into earth,
flames reaching from the fire.
Patient like the bull,
roaring like the lion.

Nonsense and greed,
heartbreaking tears,
destruction and loss,
chained against our desires.

My fire is unleashed,
while you think I’m zen,
when I don’t agree,
I take drastic action.

Core values provoked,
impossible to ignore,
changing the path of this new year,
developing and implementing more.

Personal healing in 2020,
creating art and energy.
Introspective vitality,
life gave us more to be.

True to myself more than ever,
I know who I am.
Commanding what I need,
respect, kindness, loyalty, and freedom.

Positivity and gratitude mean nothing,
if covering up true feelings.
The chaos inside is beautiful,
be okay with caring.

Trying to please everyone,
only displeases yourself.
And shows your priority,
that being unliked is all you care about.

Lessons and silver linings,
the behavior of humanity
allowed us the realization
of our priorities.

Twenty twenty-one,
let’s get this done.
I don’t wait around,
not for anyone.

Personal Goals and Challenges for 2021:

—Write a new book—in poetry.
—Launch the new prenatal yoga and stretch series by March.
—Have a safe, and fast, delivery of our new baby.
—Return to yoga and boxing.
—Develop and film the postpartum reeducation and strength program.
—Complete online yin yoga training.
—Break through the chains of power, greed, and politics to create a lifestyle of happiness, taking extreme action in where, when, and how.
—Research environmental impacts for a sustainable future, for our family and the world.


I love re-reading my previous mantras. Go back into yours and see how you’ve evolved over the years.

2020 mantra: Healing

2019 mantra: Wholeness. Art. Clarity. Reconnection.

2018 mantra: Power

2017 mantra: Strength

2016 mantra: Wild & Free

2015 mantra: Nourish

2014 mantra: Act with love

2013 mantra: Health & Happiness

2012 mantra: Sexy Success

To create your own mantra, answer these 2 questions:

1. How do you want to feel?

2. What do you want more of?