Whether you’re new to Paris or you’ve been here 20 years, you know your days aren’t always “easy.” In fact, it feels like things are made more difficult than they really need to be. This can seriously mess with us—mind and body.

You want to feel light and free. You want to feel sexy and sophisticated. You want your spark back. You really want to feel like you again.

That’s exactly why I work with women in Paris. To unleash their potential. To unleash their desires. To unleash their sexy.

Yoga & Personal Training Sessions in Paris

Private Yoga or Personal Training, 1 person

Semi-Private Yoga or Personal Training, 2-4 people


  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
  • Strengthen & Tone
  • Power Vinyasa Yoga Flow
  • Vinyasa Yoga Stretch & Flow
  • Combination Yoga: Vinyasa, Stretching, Breathing
  • Prenatal Yoga & Exercise (videos online)
  • Postnatal Yoga & Exercise

Working with me privately not only gives you access to my exercise expertise, it’s also like having your own private lifestyle coaching experience—a serious bonus (an almost $300/hour bonus). I help you shift your mindset to wanting to workout from shoulding.

Each session = 60 minutes. Conducted in the park or your own home.

See pictures: Post by Unleash Your Sexy.


Who am I?

Diana Antholis, Author, Lifestyle-ist, Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hours), and American Council on Exercise (recognized in Europe) Certified Personal Trainer and Mind Body Specialist, dedicated to living balanced, centered, and sexy.

As a Yoga Teacher, I show you the connection between mind and body. Whether we do a dynamic flow or deep stretching, you walk away feeling FREE.

As a Personal Trainer, I teach you how to exercise like a pro and actually reach your goals. Typical results: You’re happier, sleep better, laugh more, and are centered in stressful situations.

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