Whether you’re new to Paris or you’ve been here 20 years, you know your days aren’t always “easy.” In fact, it feels like things are made more difficult than they really need to be. This can seriously mess with us—mind and body.

You want to feel light and free. You want to feel sexy and sophisticated. You want your spark back. You really want to feel like you again.

That’s exactly why I work with women in Paris: one-on-one or in small groups. To unleash their potential. To unleash their desires. To unleash their sexy.

Personal Training & Small Group Workout Classes in Paris

Private Personal Training, 1 person

Completely customized and designed workouts to your goals, your body, your life. Choose between high intensity intervals, strength, yoga, and/or Pilates based workouts. (or combine them all) I specialize in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for the ultimate fat-burning and result-oriented workout. Working with me privately not only gives you access to my exercise expertise, it’s also like having your own private lifestyle coaching experience—a serious bonus (an almost $300/hour bonus). I help you shift your mindset to wanting to workout from shoulding.

Each session = 60 minutes.

  • 1 session: $65
  • 4 sessions: $220 ($55 per session) To be used in 30 days.
  • 8 sessions: $400 ($50 per session)* To be used in 60 days.

*Purchase 8 sessions and receive complimentary autographed copies of my best-selling books, “Unleashed: Live the Balanced, Centered, and Sexy Life You Deserve” and “Sanity is Sexy: Mantras to Inspire a Healthy Mindset

**Full payment due upon first session.

Workout Classes in the Park (up to 6 people)

Join in on weekly classes in Paris. Announcements are made by email. Add your name to this list for the updates.

10€ per person reserve & pay online

15€ per person in cash at the time of the event without reservation

 (if you are new) Click here to see the schedule and reserve your spot

Who am I?

Diana Antholis, Author, Lifestyle-ist, and American Council on Exercise (recognized in Europe) Certified Personal Trainer and Mind Body Specialist, dedicated to living balanced, centered, and sexy.

As a Personal Trainer, I teach you how to exercise so you know what you’re doing (and look like a pro) and actually reach your goals. Results: Tighter abs, stronger arms, toned legs, and lifted butt. You’ll also be happier, sleep better, laugh more, and be centered in stressful situations.

As a Mind Body Specialist, I teach you how to use Yoga and Pilates as your actual workouts or to add to your workouts and look graceful while doing it (bonus: ballerina legs + increased ability to do a split).

upward dog on le seine



Make sure you are on the VIP list. This is how you will be notified of upcoming sessions.

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“I started to run in late March 2014 (as a way to strengthen my heart, my fear was to have a heart attack while running to catch the subway). With the time passing I have noticed that I could not kid myself and think that I could still eat whatever I want and keep my body in shape… My goal was to have a firm body and a good heart.

I met Diana and read her book, it was really relatable and I like the fact that we can find recipes at the end of the book.

I wanted to workout with her. The girl has a great body and a good energy, you can see that she is a beautiful person inside/out and a generous one.

It is good to have a “coach” who can hear you/encourage you while making you work your butt off.

During the sessions, I learn a lot about my body and myself. Some sessions are hard. Some exercises I have to surpass myself. But it is good to have someone who is supportive like Diana while doing so.

I love the venues (Jardin des Tuileries in Paris, Jardin du Luxembourg). These places are inspiring and filled with a great energy. I love meeting women from different background and sharing this “useful pain” with them. I love the feeling of well being and serenity that I have after the work out session.

The results were beyond my expectation after only six weeks. I started to see some muscles appear in places I never knew there were even muscles. My body is more in shape and I like the way my legs, my arms, and my butt are taking shape. The most important part for me is really is really the result inside.

I LIKE MYSELF MORE. I LOVE WHAT I SEE IN THE MIRROR and I really accept myself. It is good to be able to wear leggings or skinny jeans that did not fit for 2 years. But to be in synchronicity and feel good with both your mind and body is GREAT!

THANK YOU DIANA for accompanying me in this journey to be the real, healthy, happy ME.” – Michele M., Paris

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Who are the workouts for? 

The woman who is sick and tired of being sick and tired. This woman wants to: lose weight, have legs that resemble a ballerina, see her abs, see the muscle indentation in the back of her arms, walk up 4 flights of stairs without gasping for breath, sleep better, have better sex, be in a better mood, stop giving a crap about what others think of her, look in the mirror and smile, try on clothes in the fitting room and actually walk out with things that fit and make her look good, go on a beach vacation on a whim without wearing a coverup the whole time, and feel sexy in her skin.

What kind of workouts do we do? 

Your choice! I teach intensive intervals, bodyweight strength, Pilates, and yoga—and usually combine all of these into one class. Remember, every session is custom designed for you and your body.

Suggested Formats (that are custom designed for you):

  • Unleashed Intensive: High intensity sweat session. High-impact. (That means we jump and run around.) Intervals. My specialty.
  • Unleash Your Strength: Tone, build, and develop your muscles. All bodyweight exercises. Low-impact. (That means we go easier on your joints while still burning fat.)
  • Find Your Center: Pilates & Yoga based strength, relaxation, and flexibility. We deeply focus on your body and move to release tension, breathe, and get back to our centers.
  • Design Your Own: I custom design a workout perfect for all of you.

Do I have to be in good shape to do your workouts? 

No. Each workout is customized to you, your body, and your abilities. Of course I’m going to push you harder, but I will only push you to your own capacity. I offer modifications to make each exercise more difficult and less difficult. I also cater to your injuries and will organize groups based on level.

Why you, Diana? Why should I workout with you?

I care. I push you way more than you push yourself. I tell you exactly why we do certain exercises. I tell you what muscles we’re working. I keep you abreast of the latest research. I incorporate new exercises so you don’t get bored. I train myself. I test everything I give you first. I give you nutrition and lifestyle advice. I’ve worked with hundreds of women just like you. I also am you. I’ve struggled in the past. I need a boost of motivation here and there. I understand you and where you are in your life.

Why only up to 6 people in a small group? 
Personalization, connection, determination, energy, and fun. I will always give modifications to make the exercises push you further or to ease your joints. The idea is that you feel good at the end. I love the intimacy that comes with having a few people working hard together. They connect and push each other to keep going. They laugh together. They try to make me go easier on them together. (That doesn’t work.)
When are the class sessions?
Each week, I will send out an email (make sure you are on the list!) with a the date and time options offered. You sign up via my calendar scheduler and voila, you’re in.


Should I do private sessions? 

If you want to receive a completely customized to your body and your life workout session and workout plan when you want where you want, then YES. You have all of my attention. I keep track of your strength levels. I modify or challenge you in the moment based on your performance. I am the push you need that you won’t give yourself. I am also a lifestyle coach, so as a bonus you access to me and my coaching and nutrition expertise (an almost $300 per hour value). We workout where you want, when you want, and how you want. It’s all about you.

Do I have to sign up for a course or can I just show up? What if I have to cancel?

You must sign up for private sessions and classes. Commit yourself to showing up. I’m not only relying on you, your group is too. No excuses, except for absolute emergencies of course. Cancellation policy: at least 12 hours in advance of your session.
It is best for me and others if you sign up in advance for the classes. Though, I won’t force you to. Honor system—if you say you’re coming, come.

Where do we workout? 

Jardin du Luxembourg in the 6th arrondissement on one of the three main panels of grass. Closest entrance to the main grass area is via Rue Auguste Comte: place André Honnorat.

What if it’s raining or too hot/cold? 

Rain or shine, we workout! The only way we won’t workout is if it is absolutely pouring rain, thunder, or lightening. I will communicate with you before the class via text if we have to cancel. We workout outside in the heat or cold weather, so please wear appropriate clothing.

What do I bring?
  • A large water bottle.
  • A towel approximately the size of a yoga mat or your yoga mat.
  • Comfortable workout clothes and sneakers.
  • ENERGY! Eat something small at least one hour before the workout.

How do I pay? 

In cash or credit card (via PayPal) before each session. If you signed up for a package, the total is due before the first class of the package.

How do I sign up?