Coaching is life changing. I have coached with a wide range of speciality coaches, ranging from career to relationship to mind-body to fitness.

But I also self-coached during the extremely difficult times in my life, often with the support of another coach who specializes in that area.

  • My seemingly incurable digestive issues (you can read all about that in the introduction of Sanity is Sexy).
  • Career transitions.
  • Big moves.
  • Breakups.
  • Dealing with negativity and disrespect.
  • And more…

I bought programs. I joined support groups. I completed worksheets. I listened to audio coaching sessions. I read books.

I loved it. I felt so accomplished and productive. And perhaps most importantly, I saw results.

I specialize in the mind-body connection: understanding what’s happening in your mind and how it’s affecting your body. I believe in understanding and dealing with your emotions. I believe that your emotions can become stuck in your physical body, causing discomfort, pain, and disease.

My goal is to create programs for you to self-coach also. Currently in the research phase, please contact me with any of your thoughts or ideas about what you need. diana @ dianaantholis . com

I’d love to hear from you.

In the meantime, my two books serve as self-coaching programs.

Unleashed: Live the Balanced, Centered, and Sexy Life You Deserve contains my BEST coaching exercises. Short chapters with effective coaching exercises. It’s changed lives.

Sanity is Sexy: Mantras to Inspire a Healthy Mindset contains 40 of my best mantras to help you snap out of a vicious cycle of self-sabotage and create powerful thoughts to get back your sanity.