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“I started coaching with Diana as a very lost soul. I wanted to be hot and in shape, in control of my eating and emotions. I was a complete victim when I met Diana!

I knew I was in the wrong mindset though, so we did a personal training session together as well as a mind & body coaching. After the first session, I knew Diana was for me!

I really needed a mindset change in my life, and Diana has helped me work through that. From negative thoughts to how I felt about my body, we dissected everything piece by piece! With the help of Diana and some additional coaching from her, I’ve been able to 180 my perspective! I still have a lot of work to do, but I’ve put such a big dent into my mindset that it’s changed the way I run my life. I’m looking forward to all the future changes we will do together!

After mind-body coaching sessions with Diana, I’m always at peace. Calm. The best thing about talking with Diana is her ability to always remain calm, even when I’m panicking! It’s so important to me that during my mini “panic attacks” I have someone who can remain calm and help me “see the light.” Every time we talk, I always “see the light!” 

After personal training sessions with Diana, I’m almost always energized. I don’t ever feel like we work out to the point of exhaustion, which I love. I want to love working out because of the high feeling, not the “I’m killing myself workout.” Diana always knows how to balance the work out with my schedule, my emotional needs & still push me enough to keep me growing!” -Marrissa Stewart, San Diego, CA


“From the instant I met Diana, I was instantly drawn to her calm, confident and poised style. She’s approachable and authentic, and her advice is strategic, insightful and incredibly helpful!” – Samantha Roblin, New York, founder of BEES


“Give up a couple of pairs of shoes, or your daily latte, and invest in your well-being! Diana’s Unleash Your Sexy program has helped me feel healthier—and look better—than I ever have. She’s so much more than just a kick-ass personal trainer; Diana helps customize a health and wellness plan that is tailored to your life. I can’t recommend Diana Antholis, or her Unleash Your Sexy program, enough. You owe this to yourself. Unleash your sexy!” -Unleash Your Sexy Program Graduate


Diana Antholis embodies all of the great qualities of a dedicated mentor, while also offering a wide array of knowledge and expertise. Working with Diana, I am encouraged to create and maintain healthy lifestyle habits. Her compassion, coupled with a masterful understanding of nutrition, physical training, and wellness coaching, motivates me to really take charge of my personal well-being. I am eating healthier foods (without frustrating restrictions), I am working-out on a regular basis (with routines that work for my busy life), and I am more focused (both personally and professionally).

I can’t recommend Diana Antholis enough. I’m not even finished with the program and I’m already feeling stronger, more balanced, and more in control of my life. It’s an added bonus that I’ve (very easily) lost five pounds in three weeks!  Do yourself a favor and Unleash Your Sexy. Her sessions will revitalize your life! -Amie M., Boston, MA

An update one year after starting the UYS Program::


“Diana I cannot thank you enough! You have given me so much new confidence in myself that was dead for a very long time! I am no longer scared to try on outfits in the store or old ones that I had hiding in the closet on purpose. It gives me even more motivation to work out to maintain and lose more after seeing some things that didn’t fit, now fit! It’s such a great feeling to look in the mirror and be happy with what I see.

12 weeks of mind-body coaching as well as personal training was perfect for me as there were quite a large amount of issues that I wanted to get squared away. Having complete access to Diana for 12 weeks was adequate to give me the push and get the momentum started in order to achieve my goals.

Even in working with Diana in the first 4 weeks, I lost 4 pounds, had my work pants that used to be really tight fall off me, could touch my toes after having hardly any flexibility in my hamstrings, and built enough upper body strength to do a push up. As a bonus, people were noticing all of these changes in my body!

I was most excited about how we were going to achieve the goals of losing weight, not allowing myself to get in the way of my goals, my diet, how to shop, cooking. Overall, having a game plan!

The most excitement I had before starting the program was about the Skype sessions. I have never done workouts with a personal trainer OVER VIDEO!

After the 12 weeks, I lost about 15 pounds and could do 38 proper push-ups!” -Monique Johnson, Brooklyn, NY


“Ever notice that your hair dryer has a reset button? Ever wonder why LIFE doesn’t come with one? Say hello to Diana Antholis. Design your own customized and unique reset button. What do I mean by that? Regain YOUR sexy.

I had major concerns over weight gain. Sitting down with Diana to thoroughly discuss my current eating habits, she explained the importance of healthy grains, trimming excess sugar, and the extensive options out there that DON’T begin with “fried”. She suggested changes (increase daily water intake, watch out for sweetened juices, and more) suited to my lifestyle.

Diana is all about YOU. She listened. She followed up. She wanted to know what was working and what wasn’t.

As these elected choices were added to my routine, I became more aware of little things: I would willingly alter my evening commute to add in a small walking portion. Nights that I walked, I slept better. I’m trying new things like pumpernickel and multigrain bread. I now prefer Sugar in the Raw over the average white sugar; and I use less of it.

Stop hitting the snooze button. I highly recommend working with Diana to find your reset button and rediscover YOU.” – S, New Jersey


“In just one short session, Diana helped me focus on the essence of my work. Together, we created short-term goals that will allow my long-term goals to come to fruition.” -Jennifer Cerbasi, New Jersey,


“Diana did a great job of developing a workout that would challenge me according to my fitness level. I exercise and workout frequently and still found my workout to be challenging. It’s easy to understand Diana’s directions and she is careful to make sure that you’re doing the exercise right so that you can repeat it on your own. The best part? I did it all from the comfort of my home! I highly recommend Diana’s workout programs for those who are looking to add variety to their workouts. It’s especially great for those who have busy schedules and are looking for something to fit into their lives.” -Lindsay Hunt, Denver, CO


“The Unleash Your Sexy program has helped my wife get her spark back!” -Chris, the husband of one of my clients


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