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The Push I Needed Today To Workout – On Greek butts, bikinis, Chinese food, and Healthy vs. Superficial WHYs

“OMG my hips got bigger.” -exclaimed by me, this morning. Two days ago, I thought my butt looked a bit bigger in my jeans. I wasn’t sure if it was true or if I was just imagining it. (Stretchy jeans have ruled out us being able to measure ourselves with clothes nowadays unless there is …

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How to Workout When You’re Tired, Lazy, Hungry, or Just Don’t Want To

There are times when you just don’t feel like moving your body up and down, left and right, moving one leg here, one arm there, having sweat drip down your face, panting for air… Ya know, exercising. (You’re dirty.) This is why I created MOOD workouts. These are workouts that you plan based on your …

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