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Black Bean and Sweet Potato Burgers – Vegan, Healthy, Delicious

Yes, bean burgers. They are delicious. Satisfying. Healthy. Vegan. Nutritious. I could go on and on. These are a favorite with my family and friends. People are usually very intrigued when they hear “bean burger,” not really knowing what to think. Meatless burger?? What?? Well, these get rave reviews. Since I’ve seriously cut back my …

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2013 Mantra: Health & Happiness (Recap of 2012)

EXTREMES. Extreme highs. Extreme lows. That’s the best way I can describe 2012. In January of 2012, my mantra for the year was Sexy Success. I defined Sexy Success as “…really focusing on what makes you feel whole. It means happiness. It means living life meaningfully. It means love. It means doing what you want.” It started …

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