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Why You’re Not Losing Weight (and the Only REAL Way to Take Care of Yourself)

I posted this Facebook status this morning because I’m pissed off. I’m pissed off because “exercising more and eating less” is not the way to lose weight. It’s not the way to feel better about yourself. It’s not the way you are going to maintain a healthy, sexy life. You’ve probably told yourself on more …

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4 Ways to Lose Weight and Slim Down Immediately

Your body reflects what you eat. Sounds simple. Too simple. But how many times do we binge on five chocolate chip cookies thinking it won’t show up on our thighs or stomach? Or splurge on the caramel macchiato at Starbucks? Or have 2 Texas sized strawberry daiquiris at Dallas BBQ? Exactly.  The problem is that …

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How to Feel Sexy, Confident, & Under Control Before Summer

Exhausted. Disappointed. Frazzled. Defeated. Used. You can’t do it all. You desperately want to. You try relentlessly. But it doesn’t happen. You fall deeper and deeper into the black hole of indecision, guilt, doubt, fear, and anger…wondering when you can get out. Wondering if you will ever get out.  You worry about everyone else in …

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