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Center Your Body and Soul: Yoga and Running Challenge

Here’s the truth. Back in the Winter and Spring, my exercise schedule was on fire. It was a big blaze of training for a half marathon and running my heart out. After the half marathon, I stopped running. 13.1 miles and I needed a break. Summertime turned that big blaze into a smaller campfire, doing …

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How to Workout When You’re Tired, Lazy, Hungry, or Just Don’t Want To

There are times when you just don’t feel like moving your body up and down, left and right, moving one leg here, one arm there, having sweat drip down your face, panting for air… Ya know, exercising. (You’re dirty.) This is why I created MOOD workouts. These are workouts that you plan based on your …

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Your Free UYS Workout Video (available until Sept 3)

I’ve set a date. Actually, I’ve set two dates. Tuesday, August 27th: The announcement & delivery of your free UYS downloadable workout video. Tuesday, September 3rd: The launch of all 8 UYS Workout Videos. What you can expect from the Unleash Your Sexy Workout Videos: 1) Downloadable. Shoddy Internet connections be damned – download the videos …

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