You want to workout, but you have no time.

You’re busy. You’re stressed. You sit at a desk all day long—hunched over a computer—knowing what it’s doing to your body (and your mood).

You know that if you could just move your body once a day, you’d feel better, stand (and sit) taller, release stress, and maybe even tone up and lose some weight.

Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, coaches, consultants, writers, or anyone who works 16 hours a day at a desk staring at a computer…welcome to:

unleash your sexy workout videos

These videos are based on one premise: Getting your butt up and out of that chair and doing something for yourself. Why?

Because you deserve it.

As a former corporate career woman and a current entrepreneur, I know too well what it’s like to get sucked into your work, feeling like you have no time for anything or anyone, including yourself. Even though I run a health and fitness business now, I still have to focus on doing my own workouts with the limited time I have after coaching and training others. That’s why I designed these short, yet powerful sweat sessions to help you feel sexy, burn fat, and release stress so you can rock your life + business.

Details of what you get with each video:

Full download. So you can keep it on your computer, tablet, or phone forever and never have to worry about your Internet connection ruining your workout again.

Intensity in a short amount of time. The average length is 12 minutes.

Target the spots you want to work on the most. Thighs, hips, arms, back, core, butt. I got you covered.

No equipment or gym necessary. You use your own bodyweight the entire time. You can do these videos ANYWHERE.

Complete workout. I know you’re super busy, so follow along as I workout with you.

Relax with a guided meditation. For one minute after your workout, you lay down and listen to my (incredibly calming) voice guide you into relaxation, fully appreciating the workout you just did.

“Efficient yet practical, stress relievers and strength builders! These are my take aways from Diana’s workout videos which I have been using for sometime now. I am already physically an active person, I regularly do my yoga and cardio workouts. However, without having to wait for the big weekly workouts, it is great to decompress your daily stress with these short videos.

I am pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of her short videos. Plus, the 4 week workout schedule is extremely convenient to squeeze into your daily schedule.

I prefer evening hours so that I can revive and relax my body getting ready for a good night’s sleep. If you have a stressful job and a busy life like me, I’d definitely recommend her program. What I love about her style is that it is just the right combination of toning and relieving stress, making all your body workout and proposing easily digestible steps.” -Didem M. of The Startup Atelier -Paris, France 

“Your workouts have been kicking my butt!! In a good way 🙂 They’ve been great! I love the 1-minute meditation at the end and great Spotify playlists! I’m really trying to follow the calendar so it makes me exercise during the week! Before starting your calendar, I wasn’t working out on weekdays, just weekends. Thank you!” -Lindsey S. Washington D.C. 

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The Videos: 

Unleash Your Sexy Workout Videos: Full Package plus 4-week Training Calendar. Includes: Arms & Back, Thighs & Hips, Butt Blaster, HIIT (high intensity interval training), Core Abs, Relaxing Yoga, Hip Opener Stretches, Spine & Back Stretches.
Download them all for $39.00 or Rent them all for $15.00 (one week) 


amanda arms&back testimonial

lisa arms&back workout testimonial


Want to start your workout right now?

Head to Vimeo right now to download your videos. And voila. You’ll have your high-quality, full-length workout video in less time than it takes you to update your Facebook status telling everyone you just bought a killer workout video.

As soon as you complete your workout, you’ll feel ALIVE—ready to take on the day (and maybe even the world).

You’ll also notice that suddenly everything starts to make sense. You’ll gain clarity and see things in a new light. That About Page will suddenly write itself. You’ll know exactly what to say to close the deal with a prospective client. That thing you’ve been stressing over will become non-existent.

When you exercise, you sleep better, have more energy, smile more, exude confidence, find your center, and unleash your sexy. Above all else, who doesn’t want to feel sexy? That’s what I thought.

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Be happier. Sleep better. Have more energy. Feel sexy. #UYS workout videos are downloadable, short, & targeted.

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The Answers to Your Questions:

Q: Who is this for?

A: The entrepreneur, solopreneur, coach, Internet marketer, consultant, writer, or person who works 16 hours a day at a desk staring at a computer and is starting to look like a hunchback (or at least feel like one) who wants to get back into an exercise routine with limited time and resources.

Q: Do I have to be in shape to do these workouts?

A: No. These workouts are for all levels. Modifications are specified in each video to make any particular exercise easier or more challenging. The workouts are designed for people who have done some kind of exercise before in their lives and would like a bit of a challenge to reach their potential.

The one exception is the HIIT Workout. This is a high intensity workout that gets the heart pumping and will result in a major sweat session. If you have any medical conditions or injuries, you can skip this workout or do it at your own pace until you build up the endurance.

Q: What if I can’t keep up with you in the workout?

A: That’s OKAY! Everyone’s body is different. And your own body’s strength and energy levels change day to day. Do as much as you can. Go at your own pace. Do as many repetitions as you can. Take breaks when you need to. Pause the video when you need to. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. You will slowly build your strength the more you do each video.

Q: Why should I pay for this workout when I can get free YouTube videos?

A: Because you don’t want your high intensity or relaxing yoga video to pause multiple times because your Internet connection has gone haywire.

Because you want to take this video with you everywhere, and play it anytime, not having to worry if  your data is behaving or if there is WiFi where you’re traveling.

Because you want a FULL workout video instead of someone just showing you the moves and then telling you to do them on your own.

Because I’ve been training people (and myself) for over 10 years and I know what works and what doesn’t.


Q: Who made these videos? They’re awesome!

A: Why, thank you, I made them myself with my brother, a GoPro, a Canon G9, and a Jersey Shore beach (and managed to stay composed with flies biting me). Then I put on my super geek glasses and edited them with iMovie.


If your physician hasn’t cleared you for exercise or if you choose not to consult a physician, by purchasing a video you acknowledge that you are participating in these videos at your own risk. No one wants to get hurt, exercise is supposed to be fun. Please make sure you are adequately fueling yourself (aka eating enough calories with a well balanced diet) so you don’t pass out. That’s the last thing anyone wants. Disclaimer is continued here…